Best Salesforce Development and Consulting Service Packages

What do the clients want? Business owners across the world are always searching for an answer to this simple yet often misunderstood question. We at Cloud Analogy, the world’s leading Salesforce Consulting and Development Company, understands the importance of forging sincere relationships with our clients and strives to deliver top-rated Salesforce products, services, and solutions […]

All About Fourth Industrial Revolution-How Industry 4.0 Can Transform Your Business?

Today, Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a big buzzword in business circles. According to several industry stalwarts, it has the potential to revolutionize the world in ways that cannot be even imagined. What exactly is Industry 4.0 and how it can change our world? Why should business owners and businesses do to […]

5 Stunning Ways to Optimize Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect

Incorporation of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Salesforce Community, Salesforce Sales, and Salesforce Service Clouds is done though Marketing Cloud Connect. It enables the user to access the power of tools, within Service and Sales Clouds. The best thing is that it is simple to design a set of users that can convey extraordinary advantages […]

Everything You Need To Know Before Setting Up Pardot

Pardot can be described as a Lead-nurturing platform and Marketing Automation application from Salesforce. Engagement Studio is Pardot’s version of drip campaigns. It is a significant step up from existing tools from the older generations. Its engagement programs allow users to send targeted emails based on real-time customer behavior, providing a personalized life-cycle experience for […]

3 Tips to Personalize the Shopper’s Experience

Personalization, in today’s marketing landscape, has become the gold standard and there is no denying the fact that it is for good reasons. This is simply because consumers in today’s tech-savvy world want personalized shopping experiences that match up to their unique requirements, lifestyle, and buying behavior. All in all, personalization helps entrepreneurs and marketers […]
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