New Einstein AI Innovations make Email Marketing Smarter

New Einstein AI Innovations make Email Marketing Smarter

Today, sending and receiving emails every day is an essential element to refine the email marketing methodology of every business. Email Marketing is vibrant and powerful than ever with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This channel of marketing is vibrant than ever with Salesforce. Lately, the world’s number 1 CRM company introduced several new features and functionalities to give your email strategy a massive boost for more favorable results. 

Recently, Salesforce Connections announced a wide range of Einstein AI tools and innovations to Salesforce Marketing Cloud that makes Email Marketing faster and smarter than it ever was. These tools now enable brands to enhance customer engagement with accurate and timely marketing emails that constitute a highly beneficial channel for marketers.

One of the biggest advantages of using these enhanced features is that it provides a customized way to manage the customer engagement process effortlessly. It assists marketers to interact with their customers more efficiently and effectively with relevant email marketing messages with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Powerful AI-powered tool

Einstein Artificial engagement – Through Artificial Intelligence, Salesforce has come up with a new way of managing communication strategy. It empowers marketers to identify the exact number of emails to be sent to customers based on their previous interactions.

New Email Marketing Innovations

Einstein Engagement Frequency – This enhancement allows marketers to identify the right frequency for each customer. Einstein Engagement Frequency makes it easy to recognize the contacts who are receiving fewer emails and who are receiving too many. It helps marketers to interact with customers through different forms of communications without impacting the unsubscribe rate.

Einstein Send Time Optimization –  Knowing the best time to send emails to the customer carries equal importance as knowing how many emails to be sent per day. Einstein Send Time Optimization leverages Artificial Intelligence to estimate the best time to send personalized emails to measure and optimize customer engagement and avoid customers unsubscribing from the list.

Einstein Content Tagging –  The new exciting feature helps marketers to make their appropriate choice to find the most engaging images for their emails by searching their content libraries. Marketers had to manually create image tags to access and manage this functionality. Einstein Content Tagging uses image recognition technology to tag thousands of images within a content library automatically and accurately which in turn helps marketers save their time and effort in locating the best images in the emails.

Transactional Messaging – The mobile and email messages consist of two types of emails that are sent to customers.

Promotional Messaging – These messages provide some additional offers like discounts, coupons, and other incentives to easily target the most active subscribers and encouraging them to view and buy the product. They offer key benefits such as password resets, purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, bank balance inquiry, financial alerts, and appointment reminders.

Transactional Messaging – It is the fastest and automated Marketing Cloud non-promotional messaging tool that allows you to deliver highly personalized emails and SMS messages within milliseconds to your customers and increase customer engagement. 

Integrating transactional and promotional messaging into the same platform will help you to quickly respond to your customers’ ever-changing requirements for information and services. Furthermore, it ensures a single voice is used for all the messages and promotional content can be inserted in transactional messages and vice versa.

What do all these enhancements mean for your business?

Salesforce has remained at the top in the tech-savvy world in terms of innovation, data-driven insights, and growth. It provides a clear and complete view of customers across Sales, Marketing, Commerce, and more.

With the announcement of Marketing Cloud Einstein, companies will be able to collaborate with customers with more personalized marketing campaigns. The Salesforce Einstein Platform provides a wide range of capabilities that guarantees that a CRM System is both smarter and faster than other CRM systems.

Salesforce Einstein leveraging AI Technology can help a company deliver AI-enabled analytics for sales and marketing. This defines that a company can understand and interact with their customers in a better and customized way by providing a 360-degree view of their customer interaction.

To learn more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud new interesting Einstein features, read our blog https://cloudanalogy.com/blog/marketing-cloud-april-19-release/


Since the launch of Marketing Cloud Einstein, companies are able to engage in a better way with their customers with personalized marketing campaigns that increase the effectiveness of campaigns while lowering costs. AI-driven strategies enable marketers to know the timings of sending emails and how frequently to send marketing messages, improve efficiencies with content tagging, and complete the customer journey with transactional messages. Now, marketers can easily estimate at what point contacts become email overloaded and where they are sending messages.


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